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About us

We Are

Arrowline Chinese Radio is a Mandarin Chinese speaking radio station started in 1995 and situated in Johannesburg South Africa. We are the only Chinese speaking radio in Africa and currently cover the greater Gauteng area with plans to launch nationwide in near future.

The meaning of ArrowLine conveys the idea of an arrow piercing communication eliminating obstacles existing among the Chinese community, leaving a clearer path for up-to-date news and breaking the language and communication barrier. The Chinese population in the Gauteng region ranges from an estimated 450 000 to 500 000, in which the majority experience communication challenges with locals due to a language barrier.

It is therefore our duty as a Chinese radio station to inform our audience of the latest South African news, keeping them up to date with local information while making them feel right at home with Asian news.

We Do

ArrowLine aims to be the leading media source for the Chinese community by providing up-to-date international, local, and Chinese news through quality radio broadcast. At the same time, we will strive to be a support centre for the Chinese community and make our listeners feel more at home in South Africa. If you want to better understand, reach out or expand into the Chinese market, we can help.

ArrowLine will broadcast primarily in Mandarin Chinese and English, with a ratio of 80% Chinese and 20% English. We will also be providing Chinese Music, Original talk shows and content. A full schedule of our program is available on our website under the Programming” tab.

We Believe

We believe that in order to do more, you need to know more. Our goal is to educate the Chinese community about the world as well as South Africa, enabling them to strive for success. Together with our audience we hope to: