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Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in News & Media, Update | 0 comments

Idy’s Notes makes the News

Idy’s Notes makes the News

Our resident talk show host of Idy’s Notes was featured this Saturday in ?????. Written by ???, the promotional article describes how Idy was quickly chosen as host of what would become the popular talk show, Idy’s Notes. His exuberant and sometimes devious personality translates well over the airwaves, and he’s great at putting even the most taciturn guests at ease with his lively mannerisms and never-ending supply of jokes and witticisms.

Idy’s Notes air every Monday through Friday at 7:30pm, on AM1269 in the Greater Gauteng area. You can also listen to his shows online at: SoundCloud

For more information and updates, please LIKE our Facebook page at: ArrowLine Chinese Radio AM1269

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